Yo, Taxi! will be a special performance by John McDonagh. The event is a fundraiser for The Fortune Society. The Fortune Society believes in Building People, Not Prisons. They believe in the power of people to change. They help individuals with justice involvement rebuild their lives through innovative services and advocacy.

Sunday, August 27th @ 3:00pm

                                                        630 riverside drive at 140th Street

For tickets please email dprfortune@hotmail.com with your phone number.

A representative will be in touch to collect your information and reserve your ticket. 

The kind of sharp, smart-mouthed New York flair normally found only in movies...think Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy, or Jerry Seinfeld back in the good old days.
— Taylor Black, theasy.com
McDonagh has an incisive wit, is keenly observant and has never lost his sense of wonder at the aberrations of the human race. The man is a superb story teller never lacking in humor.
— Malachy McCourt, Actor, Activist, author of A Monk Swimming.
John’s NYC is the one you wished you got to live in. Lucky us - we get to experience it vicariously through him. Funny and poignant as hell. Check it out
— Melissa Plaut, author of Hack
These are hilarious taxi tales, sardonic, seen it all, and sweet, told by a master storyteller and political prankster whose mind moves faster than a New York meter.
— Janet Coleman

After thirty-five years of driving a yellow cab around New York City, John McDonagh has more than enough material for a one man play. 

Cabtivist is a funny, pithy social commentary told from behind the wheel of New York's most recognizable cab driver.  McDonagh, veteran WBAI personality and host of Radio Free Eireann and Talk Back We and Thee with Malachy McCourt and NY Times reporter Corey Kilgannon, has condensed thirty plus years of activism and observation into an hour and twenty minutes of side splitting comedy and heart-rendering social commentary.  From the plight of the NY city homeless to the crazy demands of Upper East Side matrons, McDonagh brings the audience from laughter to tears and back again in the blink of a New York minute.Throw in his tales of brushes with the rich and famous while driving Stephen Fry to a Queens social club and teaching Top Gear's Richard Hammond how to drive a cab, and you have storytelling at it's finest. McDonagh, whose family hails from Pettigo and spends his downtime in Co. Donegal and the Boa Island in Co. Fermanagh, relates the hilarious story of how the Irish peace process cost him his shot at The Amazing Race.      


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